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Benefits and ROI

See how other companies have benefited from iPerceptions and the return on investment they received.

  • Boost the ROI of other insight initiatives such as Tealeaf and Google Analytics
  • Increase conversion to better understand your customers’ purchase behaviors
  • Build engagement and head off negative social media by creating a direct dialog with customers
  • Boost sales by making product improvements customers really want
  • Gain a competitive advantage by having real time access to changes in customer behaviors and needs.


Pain point

iPerceptions Action


Large volume of calls to the support center Improve the “downloads and drivers” self-service functionality $15-$20 M call center cost avoidance in the last 3 years
High shopping cart abandonment Improve the password retrieval functionality and product pages layout 15% increase conversion and 10%-15% increase in site satisfaction
Dissatisfied customers Make the site more user-friendly through a cleaner and more simple interface 40% increase website traffic and 16% increase in site satisfaction
Early website abandonment Improve website navigation and offer self-help manuals Increases time on site, page views and site satisfaction
Dissatisfaction with the build-your-own tool Improve specific aspects of the tool Increase time on site and more requests for a quote
Error messages when entering credit card information Remove default card type so customers actively select the correct one 90% decrease purchase abandonment as a result of this issue

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