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From white papers to industry articles, iPerceptions delivers next generation web analytics to the research world at large.


iPerceptions Platform User Guide

Learn everything there is to know about iPerceptions Active Research Platform in this complete user guide. With step-by-step instructions to tips and tricks, this is all you need to get your research started.

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Hospitality Industry Report for Q2 2012

This report shows for the second consecutive year, the outlook for summer/fall travel brightened, with more than three in five U.S. adults planning on taking at least one trip for leisure purposes before November.

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Automotive Industry Report Q2 2012

This report analyzes real-time feedback from more than 35,000 visitors during the second quarter of 2012. One of the key findings in the report was an increase in visitors’ willingness to make vehicle purchases within the next 30 days. To read the full report, please download it below.

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On the Move: Surveying your Mobile User

This article, written by Christopher Pam, Web Marketing Specialist at iPerceptions, and published by DMNews, puts forward three tips for effectively surveying mobile website visitors.

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Automotive Industry Report Q1 2012

This report analyzes real-time feedback from more than 50,000 visitors to more than 100 automotive websites during the first quarter of 2012. The report shows that website speed is critical in determining whether visitors had a satisfying website experience or not.

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Online Travel Shoppers Respond Best to Intuitive Ecommerce Experiences

This article, by eMarketer, analyzes the findings from the iPerceptions Hospitality & Tourism Industry Report for Q4 2011, including the main reasons for visiting hospitality industry websites, the biggest barriers to task completion, and the most common referrers.

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