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The Power of iPerceptions, Our People


iPerceptions' leaders bring decades of diverse experience and a history of achievements. Combining business acumen with research and technical savvy, these executives guide the iPerceptions team to create innovative research products and solutions that enable customers worldwide to have confidence in their infrastructure, information and interactions.

Audry Larocque

Chief Executive Officer

Audry Larocque is the Chief Executive Officer at iPerceptions. A serial entrepreneur and executive, he has helped build several successful companies in the high-tech, mobile and Internet ecosystem since 1999. Most recently, Audry co-founded Neuralitic, where he spent 5 years as CEO, growing the company and positioning it as a business intelligence leader in the wireless space. Under his leadership, Neuralitic filed over 22 patents, marketed its products in over 20 countries and raised $20M in venture capital funds. Before co-founding Neuralitic, Audry co-founded and spent 5 years as CEO of Cilys, a wireless software infrastructure vendor, where he led the company through successive rounds of financing totaling $8M and established a foothold in international markets. Audry was integral to the acquisition of Cilys by Openwave Systems in January 2005. He also co-founded Deuteron Acquisition, a Canadian leader in wireless and RFID solutions, which was acquired by Epsilia in 2008.

Marc Tremblay

Chief Technology Officer

Marc Tremblay is the Chief Technology Officer at iPerceptions. Prior to this, Marc held the roles of CTO and Vice-President of Product Development, developing Neuralitic’s SevenFlow big data mobile marketing analytics platform as well as Neuralitic’s intellectual property strategy. Before joining Neuralitic in June of 2007, Marc headed the product management team responsible for the Access Optimization and Streaming Media product lines at Openwave Systems, based in Redwood City, California. He joined Openwave when the company acquired the Canadian access optimization solutions vendor Cilys, acting as Vice President of Product Development. Prior to that he was with Sipro Lab Telecom as Vice President of R&D and with its successful spin-off VoiceAge, where his responsibilities included defining and deploying its technology, implementing its business strategy, and developing and licensing intellectual property.

Derek Zakaib

Vice President, Product Strategy and User Experience

Derek Zakaib is the VP of Product Strategy & User Experience at iPerceptions. Prior to this, Derek was VP of Product Design at Stingray Digital where he oversaw product strategy and design. In 2001, he co-founded Hexacto, a mobile gaming company, where he was EVP – Creative & Marketing. Hexacto was acquired in 2003 and later became part of Electronic Arts (2006). At EA, Derek oversaw creative game development for the company’s Mobile Montreal Studio. Previously, Derek supervised the creative teams at nurun, a Montreal-based web agency, ensuring their web designs met the highest standards in interactivity and usability. Until May 1999, Derek worked as an Artistic Director at Cossette Interactive where he designed websites and multimedia presentations. Derek holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from Dalhousie University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the Université du Québec à Montréal. He was named to the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Honor roll for his thesis on Architecture and Cyberspace.

Lane Cochrane

Vice President, Research

Lane Cochrane is the VP of Research at iPerceptions. Lane has more than 15 years of management and business development experience in the market research industry, including 10 years in leadership roles at The Nielsen Company. At iPerceptions, Lane is responsible for developing and implementing new research offerings that maximize client success and extend the impact of Voice of Customer analytics with major international businesses. Motivated by bringing data to life, Lane's analytics team is sharp at extracting and presenting relevant insight.

Duff Anderson

Senior Vice President, Active Research

From 1995 to 2000 Duff Anderson held the position of Director of Development at Capability Snapshot Inc. designing and implementing diagnostic tools to measure organization capabilities. He has been with iPerceptions Inc., as a founding member since 2000. Anderson has managed an extensive range of teams during his time at iPerceptions. Starting with a focus in research and development, he has taken on more client facing and strategic roles over time. Currently, he is responsible for leading iPerceptions’ initiatives in Active Research, providing expert support to iPerceptions Enterprise Solutions team, and advocating for a distinct and unique area of expertise within the VoC space, coined as Active Research.