• Intent brings powerful precision to personalization

    The era of personalization is well and truly here. Over 75% of B2C marketing decision makers rank personalization as very or extremely important for short term success (eMarketer). According to Jeff Fuhrim from Adobe, “Highly personalized experiences perform better, compelling more visitors to sign up, subscribe, download, or buy. But even Apple, a leader at delivering flawless digital experiences, is struggling with getting personalization right.

  • Retargeting 2.0

    With the holiday season upon us, we all expect our site traffic to spike. Forrester states that online sales will soar this holiday season, coming in at $89 Billion, a 13% increase. And one of the best tools to take advantage of this spike is retargeting. The question then arises, how can I use retargeting to reach these visitors and maximize my potential revenue?

  • First Party Data is King

    Today, digital marketers have an enormous amount of data at their fingertips, but it’s important to understand that not all data is created equal. In an article in AdExchanger, Peter Kim said that, “More than ever, first-party data represents a critical foundation for future marketing plans because it’s the only data that your competition will never have.”

  • Everyone loves benchmarks - especially your boss

    Is my performance good or bad? This is probably a question you have asked yourself when trying to evaluate your website’s performance. Benchmarks provide context to understand your performance and how to evolve your site.

  • The power of intent-driven retargeting

    Retargeting, which encourages previous website visitors to return to your site, plays a vital role in converting visitors into customers. Over one quarter of visitors will return to a website thanks to retargeting. Display retargeted visitors are three times more likely to click on an ad and, after returning to the website, they are 70 per cent more likely to convert.

  • Want to address the challenges of retargeting? Just ask the user

    Today, retargeting is regarded as one of the most powerful tools of digital marketers. Retargeting is a form of online advertising which encourages previous website visitors to return to your site. Digital marketers turn to retargeting because it delivers results, but as pointed out by Catherine Tucker, an MIT Sloan School of Management professor, “Ads are too often shown to those who have already decided whether to buy or not buy the product, or who have bought it already.

  • The importance of integrating the visitor into the digital ecosystem

    Opening remarks at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit articulated the key challenge for service based organizations today – their ability to integrate the customer directly in to the design and delivery of their product. Compounding this challenge is the growth of big data and trying to keep the customer as part of the marketing and delivery of hospitality services within the context of data driven solutions.

  • 5 essential steps to a successful responsive web design

    Re-designing a website is not what it used to be. Gone are the days of wholesale site redesigns that focus on delivering an updated image with a modern look and feel. Today a website can serve various objectives from driving online conversions to brand building and customer retention. Your primary objective as the website owner is to provide a high quality experience on your website and this should provide the framework underlying all of your other objectives.

  • Make sound strategic decisions with iPerceptions’ new Experience & Intent Benchmark

    You have been running your research study on your website for a while. Your results are in. Your customers have spoken. But what do the results mean? You can measure your performance over time, however without context on how other sites are performing, you are in the dark; are your results good or bad? Only benchmarking will tell you where you fit in a range of scores, and this knowledge is essential when making strategic decisions that will impact the performance of your website. 

  • Introducing iPerceptions responsive survey and comment card interface

    At iPerceptions we serve over 700 million survey invitations a year and manage digital research for over 3,500 enterprises. So we understand how critical the digital experience is to a brand’s success. When a visitor decides to leave a comment on your website or participate in a research study they are engaging with your brand. They are taking the time to provide you with vital feedback and they expect a high quality experience as if they were interacting with any other section of your website. That’s why we challenged ourselves to create the most respondent friendly survey and comment card experience that is consistent across desktop, mobile and tablet. 

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