• Poor experiences are killing brand loyalty

    There is no question that the Internet has touched every facet of our lives. According to a recent eMarketer report, eight out of ten people go online regularly. In the US alone this represents nearly 260 million daily Internet users. At work, at home or in our spare time, the internet plays an integral role in our daily interactions. With such prevalence the Internet has also transformed the way we shop. Going from one store to another is now only a click away.

  • If big data is over hyped, what’s important for digital marketers in 2015?

    Today, many reports on the latest trends seem to focus on the hype, not what is going to help marketers be better in the future. According to a Harvard Business Review article that examined the value and hype surrounding big data, they found that sometimes companies are expecting it to deliver more value than it actually can. But not all trend reports are like this. Recently, a report published by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe looked at some truly attainable and actionable trends that will really matter to digital marketers in 2015.

  • What's driving your Adobe Analytics?

    Today, every data driven company lives and breathes web analytics, from page views to bounce rates to time on site. There is no need to demonstrate the value of web analytics - it’s understood. According to Forrester, “This near universal adoption of web analytics ensures its continued place as the dominant method for measuring customer digital activity.” Brent Dykes, Evangelist for Customer Analytics at Adobe, notes that this is transforming marketing teams from intuition-driven decisions to data-centered decisions. But what if you could turn your data-centered decisions into customer centric decisions?

  • The speed and agility that every marketer needs

    Agility is key in today's global marketplace. According to McKinsey, consumer preferences change with stunning velocity, as do the dynamics of markets and product life cycles. This culture of urgency means that marketers are entering a new golden age with an increased need for speed and agility particularly when it comes to understanding their customers. That’s why iPerceptions is pleased to announce the launch of iPerceptions’ Universal Code. iPerceptions’ Universal Code gives you unprecedented power over your research; empowering you to run multiple projects simultaneously across different segments with advanced triggering while reducing your reliance on IT resources.

  • How to tackle e-cart abandonment

    For many e-commerce retailers, shopping cart abandonment is one metric that keeps them awake at night. A July 2014 Retention Science survey of US online retailers found that 53.8% of retailers actively tracked shopping cart abandonment metrics. Cart abandonment though is an issue prevalent across industries, affecting B2B markets just as much as it impacts B2C companies. According to a recent Forbes article, studies indicate that cart abandonment rates can be as high as 80 percent, while the Baymard Institute found that most e-commerce retailers see approximately 68 percent of shopping carts abandoned. 

  • Do you really understand your mobile visitors?

    There is no denying the explosion of the mobile consumer. Statista estimated that by the end of 2015 in the U.S. alone, there will be just under 183 million active smartphone users and approximately 96 million tablet owners. In a country with just over 300 million citizens, that is downright impressive. The ubiquity of smartphones and tablets in homes, offices and in users' hands at almost every moment of the day makes understanding the mobile consumer a necessity for every business.

  • Mobile needs to be an experience not a checkbox

    This year almost every article I read about what to watch in 2015 included mobile. Even my own article on the top 5 voice of the customer trends had mobile as one of the key trends to watch. Much of the talk surrounding mobile is steeped in data that shows customers are spending more time and doing more on their mobile devices. ComScore reported back in June 2014 that mobile platforms – smart phones and tablets – accounted for 60% of total digital media time spent.

  • How to effectively optimize conversion using customer feedback

    As a digital marketer you are probably entering the New Year with many plans to increase your revenue and general performance from your online operations. I am sure you will be looking at how to increase conversion by optimizing your purchase funnel and reducing the number of people who slip through the cracks.

  • Deloitte’s TMT Predictions interpreted through the lens of the customer experience

    2015 is here and Deloitte’s TMT Predictions have arrived. Since 2001 Deloitte has published an annual Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) report which shares their predictions for the upcoming year. Yesterday, I attended Montreal’s 2015 edition where Duncan Stewart, Director of Research TMT at Deloitte, shared some insights of what we could expect in 2015. Below I highlight a few predictions that I believe are relevant from the perspective of the customer experience.

  • Top 5 Voice of the Customer Trends for 2015

    2015 is here and it is shaping up to be a big year with a ton of big technology predictions– from the emergence of 3D printing to the year of the Internet of things. With marketing budgets set to increase by 8%, according to a recent Gartner’s CMO Spend Report, marketers are looking for the next big thing that is going to put them ahead of the competition. This year, I think Voice of the Customer (VoC) analytics is set to play a major role. Below are a few of my predictions on the big customer feedback trends for 2015.

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