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    • Actionable Insights

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      Capture actionable feedback from your customers with online surveys.

      The Active Research™ SaaS Platform captures visitors’ intent, needs, and experiences in a way that's structured to achieve business results.

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      Recognize the intent of anonymous website visitors on your digital channels.

      Increase the online performance of live chat, retargeting and content management systems by recognizing  purpose of visit in real-time.

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  • 09/15/2014

    When visitors provide feedback about their website experiences, it allows you to see your website from the visitors’ perspective. This feedback leads to the discovery of your website’s weaknesses and the issues that cause visitors to leave your site. To understand and correct such issues, it is important to identify which website visitors did not accomplish what they had come to do, and then ask them what prevented them from accomplishing their task. Recently, iPerceptions has been working with a number of clients to explore the most prevalent reasons for failed task completion and whether they have changed overtime. The issue of information – ensuring efficient assess to it while managing its breadth and depth – is a continuous design challenge for digital property owners. As mobile access grows information management becomes even more critical since mobile caters to diverse intents in a tighter space and time frame with visitors who are often on the move.

  • 07/23/2014

    At iPerceptions we serve over 700 million survey invitations a year and manage digital research for over 3,500 enterprises. So we understand how critical the digital experience is to a brand’s success. When a visitor decides to leave a comment on your website or participate in a research study they are engaging with your brand. They are taking the time to provide you with vital feedback and they expect a high quality experience as if they were interacting with any other section of your website. That’s why we challenged ourselves to create the most respondent friendly survey and comment card experience that is consistent across desktop, mobile and tablet. 

  • 06/10/2014

    We are all too familiar with the phrase “don’t re-invent the wheel”, yet many research firms and agencies re-invent the wheel each time they design a custom Voice of the Customer (VoC) research project for their clients. Many agencies try to create their VoC project from scratch when actually taking a framework approach would get the project off the ground quicker and would derive trusted results and concrete insights.